What you need to set up a shop on Shopstar


Below is a list of basic things you should do / have ready to prepare your online shop, before you register.

Shopstar does have more functionality but for now the list is a great base to start from.


There is a 30 day no-obligations trial period which starts from day of registration. To register browse to https://shopstar.co.za/ and clicking on the “Setup Shop” button. This will give you an opportunity either to set up a complete shop or just to see how everything works and to play around with the administrative area and design ideas.


1. Upload your products

Product Catalogue

Before uploading prepare your product catalogue with product ranges, descriptions, prices and properties. For a larger number of products make use of the Excel import function in Shopstar’s admin area (an example is provided).



Web optimised images of your products:
Format: JPG or PNG
Resolution: 72dpi
Size: 100KB - no larger than 500KB

Height: 300-600 pixels
Width: 300-600 pixels
Tip: Try and keep all image sizes the same.
Tip 2: If you can, make use of a professional photographer, contact Shopstar for more information. 


2. Shipping options setup

Keep it simple. Offer three options (postal, courier road, courier overnight) to your customer, based on your average product offering. We recommend you obtain a quote from various courier partners and / or the post office to get a quote that suits your products and shipping requirements. Please make sure the shipping costs don’t exceed the price of your products.


3. Receiving payments from your clients

You can either receive payment via EFT or Credit Card or both. For EFT you will need to create an instruction as to where you wish your client to deposit the funds. You will find an example inside of the Shopstar admin area.

For Credit Card payments you will need to register with a payment gateway.


Shopstar currently makes use of PayFast and PayPal. Registration to both is free and relatively quick.


For South African clients we strongly recommend you use PayFast. PayFast registration https://www.payfast.co.za/. You need: South African ID or Passport details, business details, bank account details.

PayPal registration https://www.paypal.com/. You need: Business details, business owner’s details, Email address, bank account details.

Please note you can also set up Snapscan for your online shop. Your SnapScan MERCHANT ID is needed and please follow the instructions on the 'Receive Payments' page.


4. Shop design and layout

Inside of Shopstar you will be able to customise your shop's layout and design, choose colours and fonts. You will be able to upload your logo, content and banner images or images inside of content.

Web optimized Logo: Ideal Format: JPG or PNG
Resolution: 72dpi
Ideal maximum height: 250 pixels

Page Banner images/sliders Ideal Format: JPG
Resolution: 72dpi
Width: 1024 pixels (1400px for full screen width)

Height: 350-450px

Size: 200-500KB max


5. Content


Prepare all your website content, for example: About, info, lookbook, contact details. Tell your story, give important information to instill trust in your business and your brand. Look at other shops for examples but don’t just copy and paste. For a blog page use and link up to existing blog platforms such as blogspot or tumblr.


6. Terms and Conditions


Shopstar has partnered with Michalsons Attorneys to offer you free terms and conditions. These terms are automatically available after you have registered your online shop.

Find them under >> Site Design >> Content pages >> Terms. Although they will meet most of our clients’ requirements we advise that you read through them. Avoid copying and pasting terms from other online shops. Not only is this illegal it, but other shops terms may also not fit your requirements.


7. Contact us we are always glad to help

Website (Examples and FAQs): https://shopstar.co.za/

hello@shopstar.co.za or