When you see this message on your dashboard the steps to take are the following: go to settings >> custom domain; view the message and send it to the company which hosts your domain. It will need to change domain settings so that it points to our server and your shop correctly. 

The Shopstar IP address is:

This update will take a couple of hours to propagate. Once the settings are corrected the message will say, that it is all correctly set up in GREEN. It is important to have the correct setting before you go live.

Please note: 1. Your site will always be online with a shopname.shopstar.co.za domain, but ideally it should have a custom domain. 

To register a custom domain, we recommend you visit www.registerdomain.co.za, and purchase your custom domain here.
If you want custom email to go with it, you need to purchase web hosting too. If not, then just the purchasing the domain name will be fine.

2. You will not be able to track your traffic properly if the domain is not set up correctly.

3. You cannot just add a name, it needs to be a registered domain - either new or an existing one you now want to use for the shop.