1. Set visible options and prices which your customers can choose from. These could be postal service, courier, overnight express, road freight, airfreight etc. for delivery within a city (new), inside South Africa or any other country and/or internationally.
  2. The ability to add a shipping surcharge to certain products that are heavier or are larger than the norm.
  3. The ability to set individual charges per product for local, national or international.
  4. The ability to offer FREE shipping for certain products / above a certain value.
  5. The ability to create collection options
  6. Add tracking numbers to shipped orders.

General shipping options:

Set location:

An example of shipping options:

Collection options:

Free shipping:

Shipping surcharges:

Shopstar does not ship / package / handle your products. We find that our clients have such unique products and prefer to be in control of this process. We can however recommend Dawn Wing, Courier It and The Courier Guy. Give them a ring and see what they can offer you depending on the nature of your product.